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Thai Foot Massage

What is Thai Foot Massage?

This is an ancient, holistic treatment passed down generations – originated in Thailand. It is a wonderful blend of Chinese reflexology/acupressure and massage, Indian Ayurvedic principals and even Japanese Shiatsu. A great holistic treatment that is relaxing and healing at the same time.
There is a complete map of the human body on the soles and tops of the feet. There are zones and reflex areas that correspond to all glands, organs and systems of the body. These points get stimulated by the therapists hands and a small rosewood aid.

Thai Foot Massage for whom?

Thai Foot Massage is a very safe and effective treatment that is beneficial for everybody to promote and ensure overall health. This therapy is beneficial for the whole body – not just the region being treated. In Thai teaching, there are no fewer than 10 Sen or energy lines in the feet that map to all areas of the body. Applying the correct techniques and pressure can have an amazing effect on the whole body. It is a treatment for people who also enjoy reflexology rather than a massage and complementary treatments


What are the benefits of the Thai foot massage?

This treatment can encourage the circulatory system of the blood and the lymphatic system and also can aid mobility and flexibility of joints, it can detoxify, increase mobility of the joints in the legs/feet. This therapy can aid detoxing the body, accelerates physical healing. Energy levels will increase; stress and anxiety as well as lethargy will be alleviated. This massage can increase the quality of sleep, can lift moods and can promote mental clarity. During the treatment all nerve endings will be stimulated and all 107 ligaments and 19 muscles in the foot will be addressed.

After a treatment

The term ‘grounded’ describes the deeply relaxed feeling the recipient will experience for many hours or even days following the treatment. Therefore the recipient should take some time to enjoy the deep state of relaxation and slowly come back to full awareness.
After the session the body finds it easier to flush out any ‘waste’. The recipient will gain maximum benefit from the treatment if resting afterwards and drinking plenty of water – being aware of the detoxifying effect for about 48 hours after the treatment.