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Massage in Pregnancy

What is Massage in Pregnancy?

Massage in pregnancy is a therapy specifically tailored for the expectant mother’s needs. It is also called pre-natal massage. During pregnancy a women’s body changes faster than at any other time; it can be a wonderful time in a woman’s life but can bring its problems. It is a great time to have a massage and this can be hugely beneficial for the mum-to-be. However, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.

Research has shown that expecting mothers, suffering from depression, receiving regular pre-natal massages had significantly reduced depression and back pain.

Benefits of Massage in Pregnancy

Pre-natal massage has been found to reduce stress, decrease swelling in the arms and legs, and relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. It’s a popular complementary therapy during pregnancy for back pain, when choices for pain relief, such as medication, are often limited. Not only can massage be physically beneficial, but the human touch can be comforting and provide emotional support during pregnancy as well.

Massage increases lymphatic flow thus aiding removal of waste products and toxins, the skin condition improves, lactic acid are removed from muscle tissue, contracted and tense muscles relax and pain as well as fatigue are reduced, nerve endings get soothed yet stimulated.
Massage in general is relaxing and invigorating (stimulation of endorphins) for body and mind, therefore relieving stress

After a treatment

The relaxed and balanced feeling lasts some time as the body’s lymphatic system encourages detoxification. It is recommended to have regular treatments to help maintain this state and to reduce pain.
After the session the body finds it easier to flush out any ‘waste’. The recipient will gain maximum benefit from the treatment if resting afterwards and drinking plenty of water.