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Eastern Acupuncture Face Massage

What is Eastern Facial Acupressure Massage?

This is an ancient Chinese therapy of light acupressure to the face; an ancient holistic treatment that can alleviates disease or pain – often in regions of the body remote from the pain or pressure point. Certain meridians or reflex points in the face will be addressed during this very gentle massage and not only will there be benefits to the face but the whole body.

Eastern Fascial Acupressure Massage for whom?

The Eastern Fascial Acupressure therapy is a gentle and effective treatment that is beneficial for everybody who would like to promote and ensure overall health. It is for those who seek relaxation and stimulation of the body without having a full body massage. This therapy is also optimal for people who keep a good beauty regime as it can improve blood circulation in the face and neck. It also helps to getting rid of dead skin in the areas in question, it tones up the muscles in the face and when carried out on a regular basis it can slow down aging, baggy or puffy eyes. This treatment is not only for women but for the men who would like to keep a fresh and energised appearance of their face and neck and who would like to alleviate nervous twitches in the face.


What are the benefits of the Eastern Facial Acupressure Massage?

This treatment can improve muscle tone and facial contours including the area around the nose and mouth. It stimulates circulation and nutrient flow to the facia and neck skin. It removes toxins and promotes and effective lymphatic flow. Complexion will improve. Sinus problems will be alleviated.
This therapy balances energy levels and general flow of Chi. It can reduce stress and anxiety. Energy levels can increase as well as the quality of sleep.
A wonderfully relaxing treatment.

After a treatment

The term ‘grounded’ describes the deeply relaxed feeling the recipient will experience for many hours or even days following the treatment. Therefore the recipient should take some time to enjoy the deep state of relaxation.
After the session the body finds it easier to flush out any ‘waste’. The recipient will gain maximum benefit from the treatment if resting afterwards and drinking plenty of water – being aware of the detoxifying effect for about 48 hours after the treatment.