• All our therapies offer you a natural way to:

    • Achieve your sport goals
    • Feel more energetic
    • Alleviate the symptoms of stress
    • Maintain or achieve good health
    • Enhance your ability to relax
    • Improve your sleeping patterns
    • Live your life to the fullest
    • Feel better faster – recover from illness and injury
    • Cope with your work load
    • Being able to balance work and private life
    • Wind-down after work
    We ('Meet our therapists') are a small group of fully qualified and experienced practitioners who are either a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and The Sports Massage Association or  the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (listed on the General Hypnotherapy register) or or an accredited Emotrance practitioner respectively.  
    It is our aim to provide therapies (treatments - see on the left) to a professional standard in a caring and relaxed environment in Staffordshire and in Cheshire.  It might be needless to mention that we are CRB - checked - as we treat vulnerable people.
    Complementary holistic therapies have been practised by ancient civilisations for thousands of years. The basis of any complementary therapy is that the person is treated as a whole taking into consideration the body, the mind and the energy system as well as the recipient’s lifestyle, diet, occupation, emotional state and stress levels. Our therapies can be applied in support of conventional medicine, thus complementing the services supplied by health professionals. In addition, other people enjoy holistic therapies in order to strengthen their sense of wellbeing.
    All the treatments are designed to assist in the relief of pain. They help you relax, reduce tension, stress and anxiety, and leave you with an enhanced feeling of wellbeing. For example, for cancer patients there are benefits prior to and following radio- and chemotherapy. Therapies can strengthen the recipient's energy levels and boost the ability of the body to heal itself. 
    We offer the following treatments
    • Sport Massages
    • Aroma Therapy
    • Body- or Swedish Massage
    • Access Bars
    • Hopi Ear Candling (Thermal Auricular Therapy)
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Indian Head Massage
    • Hot Stone Massage
    • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
    • Metamorphic Technique
    • Reflexology
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Crystal Healing
    • Chakra Balancing

    Please ‘Contact’ us to arrange an appointment.

    Treatments are carried out in our tranquil, attractive treatment rooms in Staffordshire and in Cheshire -  Biddulph Moor and Macclesfield. 
    Our therapies are suitable for all ages from the very young to the elderly. The recipient usually lies on a professional couch or sits on a massage chair both of which are adjustable. Treatments can be carried out with the recipient in a sitting position in a wheelchair (both treatment rooms are wheelchair accessible).

    Home visits can be arranged and we offer corporate treatments. We are also able to visit our clients in hospitals or nursing homes.

    Reiki for animals is normally carried out in your animal’s environment.

    Appointments are available seven days a week between 7am and 9pm.
    Please 'Contact' us to arrange an appointment.
    Consultation with a therapist
    A thorough consultation is carried out, by one of our therapists, with any first time client before a treatment is given or a therapy is started. After this consultation we advise on a customised treatment or therapy plan that would be most beneficial for the individual. Please 'Contact' us now to arrange an appointment for a no obligation consultation.
    We offer training, talks and workshops.
    You can book training such as Reiki - Level I to Level IV (Master/Trainer) or one of our many workshops and talks. To see the full list, please go to our 'Training' page (on the left).
    Please browse through our 'Products' page (on the left) page where you will find unique goods such as Invocation Liquid Smudge.
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    We look forward to meeting you.